Monday, April 12, 2010

True Friends

Being in the hospital drove me crazy - literally. On my second morning there I couldn't sleep. I was awake at 5am and bored to death. I had a tube up my nose and needles and IV's in my arms, a catheter and enough drugs in me to stop an elephant. Since I wasn't really having any pain - I did mention the drugs, didn't I? They gave me my very own button to push for pain meds. It was like the game show "Jeopary" clicker thing. It worked very well. No pain what so ever. No brains either. So this particular morning I decide that it would be very funny to take a picture of myself and text it to my friends. Let me clarify something... I have NEVER, EVER taken a picture of myself. Not once. So I get my Iphone out, take the photo and text it to my friends at 6 in the morning. I am in the bed just laughing hysterically to myself. This was just the most entertaining thing that I had ever done. I captioned it "don't I look pathetic". By 7ish they had all responded in some fashion or another. It wasn't till I got home some 3 days later that I was looking through my phone and came across said picture and remembered what I had done. I wanted to crawl in a hole and bury my head. What was I thinking? It was an awful picture, I did look absolutely pathetic. And at 6am. I really gave them something to wake up to! I have since apologized for my behavior and asked that they delete said photo. Of course I am sure that they all are hanging on to for blackmail purposes later on down the road.

Lotta stuff going on

I got a lotta stuff going on. First off I am still recovering from the bout of colic surgery. It takes so long to get my stamina back after surgery and laying around for a week. It has been 20+ days and I still don't feel back to normal yet. I don't like it. I was riding within 10 days but I just don't feel like myself yet. Not only that, but I have lost more weight than I hand intended to. I am down to 137 lbs and feel like I am too thin now. I am working on getting back to my normal diet and that should put those pounds back on. Hopefully over the next few weeks things will smooth out and I will be back to normal. Then I will quit whining. Maybe.

I have been to two horse shows since my surgery. I know what you are thinking. Maybe if I didn't do crap like that I would be feeling better. The first one I went to was 14 days after surgery. It was two hours from home and we knew that I would ride late in the afternoon. We left home at about 9am and got to the venue at 11am. I went and signed up for my classes. I hadn't pre-entered because I wasn't sure if I was going to feel up to riding. What I didn't know was that Semper had to have a competitive license for me to show him in the NRHA classes. Thank goodness they let you do that at the show. I had to have my daughter fax his registration papers to me and pay a fee but we got it done so I could ride. Then we waited. And waited. And waited some more. We rode and schooled some around 5ish and then tied him to the trailer and went to dinner. It has been unusually cold for CA this year and it started to get pretty chilly. We sat in the truck and ran the heater for about and hour and a half. At around 10:30pm I decided that I needed to go warm up again. I went out to ride and about froze what little butt I have left OFF. I entered the arena for my ride at 11:50pm. It was crazy to say the least. Plus we still had to drive home! Got home at 3:00am. It kicked my butt. I got a score of 68.5 which is 1.5 points higher than my last score. I was stoked about that. Semper went into an arena he had never been in before and did his job like a gentleman. I was really pleased with him. Everything was going along swimmingly until the stops and we are still having trouble there. I finally got the results for that show and I tied for 4th place in the Rookie 1 class and will be getting a check for a whooping $24.00. Better than a sharp stick in the eye! I placed 5th in the green reiner and there is no pay out for that class.

I worked stops some at my Wednesday night lesson and TL has been working him two days a week on stops so hopefully things are going to start getting better there.

Last Saturday I went to the second show in the series at the facility where I board. I entered the same 3 classes and I got a 67 in the Rookie 1 class and a 66 in the Green Reiner class. I don't know where I placed in the grand scheme of things yet but the judge wasn't handing out big scores so I think I did o.k. I only saw one or two scores in the 70's! I rode the green as grass class but by the time I ran the same pattern for the third time Mr. Semper thought he knew it better than I did and we had to have some education time. I just tried to school him through it. He really is a good boy and sometimes he is smarter than me. But he still needs to wait for me. The stops were better at this show but still not great. I know we can do it and it is going to click here pretty soon. I just have to quit over thinking it and he just needs to get his ass down and slide.