Monday, February 21, 2011

Is there a perfect time?

I have this filly that I call Little Bit. Her registered name is One Busy Freckle. It really doesn't fit her. I traded Lily's full brother for her. Never have been quite sure that I did the right thing but it is done and you just gotta go on. Right? Anyway I know it was the right thing for Little Bit. She isn't the type of horse that I normally admire or drool over. She definitely does not have that halter horse look. Her conformation isn't perfect. She is a little cow-hocked - OK - she is a lot cow hocked, has huge ears, think donkey here, and platters for feet. I bet that painted a purdy picture huh?

She is bred to be a working cowhorse. Her pedigree is at for your viewing pleasure.

TL had Little Bit for four months last fall and got her going for me. After that I brought her home and let her sit for a few weeks. Got a bright idea to send her to spend some time working cattle with a young guy that I know. He was supposed to work her on cows daily. You would think that I could have thought this through a little better. I consider myself to be somewhat intelligent but I don't know what happened here. Really. What WAS I thinking? I sent her up there in November.
I know they don't have an indoor arena.
I know the price of cattle is high.
I know that they weren't planning on replacing the ones that they for awhile.
I knew that Northern California typically gets a lot of rain in the winter.
I knew the holidays were coming up and I wouldn't have a lot of time to go up there.
So how was I expecting to get anything done? The good news is that something did get done. He did work her on cattle every chance he got, he has her coming out of the herd and he did spend time just loping her out straight and teaching her to carry herself and a rider. But really... This could have been a black hole that I was throwing money down. I need to think these things through better.

So here we go again. Last week I sent Lily up to the cutting horse trainer for a couple of months. She has been getting better and better on cows and I wanted to keep up the momentum. The trainer rides 6 mornings a week - Monday through Saturday. It is impossible for me to ride during the week. Pesky job gets in the way. I planned to go at least one time a week to ride her. Here again, it is starting to be that busy time of year and I already have a couple of Saturdays that my schedule is full. I did think this one through a little better. CT has an indoor and fresh cattle. Now it is up to me to make it happen.

Is there a perfect time to send a horse to the trainer? Or is any time the right time? What should my expectations for the trainer and myself be? All these thoughts get so jumbled in my head. The "what if's" start creeping in. All the planning, expectations, exceptions and excuses start to get muddled and run together. I spend days over analysing and end up dizzy. In the end I just throw my hands in the air and just go with the next idea that comes into my head.

How do you make the decisions regarding trainers and timing? Do you ever feel as though you are "chasing your tail"?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Randy Rogers Band

I always have music going, at work, at home or in the truck. When I can figure out the stereo system in the arena, it is going. (Figure out = when I have my glasses on and can see the flipping thing.) The other day at work my perfect child, princess Trista was listening to a new band. Of course she didn't say "hey mom, I found this great new band" she just keeps things like that from me. She is becoming less perfect all the time. I hope she reads this. I have to ask her who it is because being the perfectly (selfish) princess she didn't share that information with me willingly. Please let her read this. She finally gives up that it is the Randy Rogers Band. I asked her where she heard them and she gives me some random answer that now escapes me. Anyway because I am not a perfect princess I want to share this with you all.

I really like this band. Randy Rogers voice is haunting, imperfect, but pure and emotional. The guy has a gift. Wow. And she - Trista kept this from me. For like 3 days. Gawd... I hope she reads this. Anyway I love, love, love this band. They have taken up resident in my CD player right along side Miranda. Miranda never leaves - she is a constant - has been for about 3 years. Kid Rock has a spot a couple spaces down that he has occupied for quite a while. I am thinking that the Randy Rogers Band are worthy enough to be there in between.

I am not exactly sure what genre I would call them. Some sort of country - but definitely not country pop or traditional twang. They kind of remind me of the Marshall Tucker Band - I am not exactly sure why or if that is a good comparison. They do have their own sound.

The song "In My Arms Instead" was the first one that grabbed my attention. From there I went to "Steal You Away" and had to own both CD's. I downloaded and burned them and couldn't be happier. Both CD's are filled with great music. They have a website were you can sample their music and are on Facebook.

Give them a listen and let me know what you think.

Someday I am going to write about the perfect princess but I think that it is better to what till she is already peeved at me so that if it makes her mad I don't have to go through it twice. Man - I Hope she reads this... Love ya girlie.