Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Buckaroo Girl

You all gotta check this out...

Buckaroo Girl has her third CD available. It is absolutely, completely, utterly and beyond many more adjectives that I can't think of right now - amazing.

You can get it at CDbaby

There isn't one song that I don't like. Right now my favorite is "Hands". I know that all you horsey ladies out there will identify with this song. "My hands might not be your kind of beautiful." Kind of says it all, doesn't it?

I am sure that as I listen to the CD a zillion times over.. each one will be my favorite at some point.

Here are some links to her...!/pages/Adrian-Buckaroogirl/280524162956

Promise me that you will give it a try. Promise?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Have you ever seen a horse melt?

Have you ever seen a horse melt? No really.... just melt, you know, like the way you do when you climb into that big old bubble bath after a day when it has been colder than a well diggers behind and the horses have been humped up like show dogs. I crack myself up.

Melting horses... This is a good thing. It isn't like they get all sticky and gooey like the Hershey bar you left on the dash of your pick-up while the defroster was running 110 miles an hour. Thank goodness THAT didn't happen to me. My little friend Kate had a Hershey bar on Saturday. Her dad decided that she didn't need a candy bar at 8am and so he took HER candy bar and put it on the dash board. Let me tell you - if that puppy had been open, I shudder to think what her daddy would have said about all that chocolate down in the vents of his pickup. It would have served him right for taking her candy bar in the first place. I can say that because she isn't my child. Insert evil grin here. Back to horse melting...the hot water heater was a HUGE hit with the horses. I gave them a bath and I swear. to. goodness. they melted. Never moved a foot. Just stood there and said..wash me, wash me, wash my face.. well not really on the last one, but they did really like it. And they didn't protest to much when I really did wash their faces.

So in case you are interested in building your own little magic horse melter...

I purchased a instant hot water heater off EBay from Baytreelane
Great ebay seller for sure. Super helpful.

It was $296.99 for a propane unit that pushed 4.6 gallons per minute

Then I bought a hand truck, some chain, pipe and hose fittings, a 50 ft. garden hose and a propane regulator and hose at Home Depot. All together about $125.00 worth of merchandise.

At this point Mr. Wonderful was starting to question how much money I was willing to spend to give my horses a hot bath. So I pilfered the propane tank from the BBQ. Hey... I am thrifty. kind of. o.k. not at all. The best part is that when my neighbor saw that I was pilfering the tank from the BBQ - He realize that he had an extra tank that he liberated from his employer that we could put on the BBQ. Now, not only am I not thrifty, I have accepted stolen property. Well Mr. Wonderful accepted the stolen property. I will visit him in jail. I promise. Right after I give my horses a hot bath.

Here she is...

First things first.... I was so dang proud of myself that I put this puppy in the back of the pickup and toted around to show it off. Hence the scratches and the little small dents. Rut-ruh. It was pristine when I took it out of the box but I managed to put my mark on it pretty handily. What isn't in the picture is the two garden hoses that you need.

It is portable, it will give you hot water till the cows come home. It is awesome and I am thinking of all kinds of new uses for it. Like camping...with the simple purchase of a little 12 volt pump you could have hot water straight out of any creek or river or lake. What a concept. I might even go camping if I could have hot water on demand. Of course then I would want to have one of those old claw foot bath tubs out in the meadow and some bubble bath - you know like in the commercial for man drugs. Wait... maybe not.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Little sayings...

I don't know if you all know this but I got along with men much better than I get along with women. I get along with males of any species better than I get along with females. One of the reasons that I like men is they way they talk. Real men anyway. You know the ones... they talk about hunting and fishing constantly. They drive dirty trucks and open the door for you. Wipe the muck off the seats too. One thing that always cracks me up is the little sayings they have. I am always repeating the things they say and usually get a raised eyebrow or two. But what the heck - you only go around once, right?

One of my favorites...(are you ready?)
"Well that went over like a turd in a punchbowl."

Every morning Jack comes by my office and says good morning. I say "how are ya Jack" and he says "finer than frogs hair". Love it.

The guys in the shop will describe how cold the shop is one of two ways... "colder than a witches tit" or "colder than a well diggers ass". If it is really hot it is "hotter than a popcorn fart". Who dreams up this stuff?

I went to see my old trainer friend the other day. I call him my boyfriend. He isn't really my boyfriend, he is old, married, chain smokes, and is a completely harmless flirt. He was telling me about how high the price of cattle was. He says "can I tell what my friend told me?". I know it is going to be a dirty little saying when he askes if he can tell me. Of course I have to know. "The price of cattle was higher than a pussy on a Ferris wheel". Well all righty then. It made me chuckle.

We used to have a draftsman here that would constantly repeat lines from movies. He was a hoot. His favorite little sayings were "humped up like a show dog" or "humped up like a rat on Decon".

My mom used to say "by the skin on my teeth" when she barely got something done.

Another one Mr. Wonderful uses a lot lately is... Let me set up this scenario for you... Have you noticed how many young girls and even some older women are wearing low rise pants and they have a lot of extra skin and fluff pouring over the top. He says it looks like "10 lbs of sh*t in a 5 lb bag". I explained that it is called muffin top and he said it was more like the whole darn cake. Got to love real men.

I'll keep adding them as I remember them.

How about you guys... got any good sayings?