Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Great Reading!

My good friend Laura is giving away one of her books today!  Check it out. 
The link below takes you to Amazon to get the book for FREE!

I have read the entire series and each book takes you to a different place and time in the life of Dr. Gail McCarthy.  She is a believable character and the accuracy of the "horse world" is excellent. 

Have fun reading. 


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I was consistant!

Now you might think that was a good thing - but not so much!  Another -0- in the rookie class.  Really.  I don't know what the heck is going on with me that I have such a hard time in that class.  And it was all ME.  I got through the entire pattern, counted my turnarounds, did my circles, had a little trouble with a lead change but worked through it and then....  forgot to finish my last wrap around and stopped - a very nice stop - on the wrong side of the arena.  The scribe is a friend of mine and as I started to back Semper up I heard her say (in a very scolding voice) "KELLY - you were supposed to end over there!" I thought the judge was going to smack her.  Instead he just chuckled.  I had no idea what I had done wrong. I just had to laugh. It was too pathetic to cry over.

I had rode the non pro class first and had a little trouble with Semper on my right to left lead change. He changed in front but didn't change in the back - I knew it the minute it happened but it took me a circle and a half to get him lined out. By that time my score was dismal to say the least.  I have never had a problem with him doing that before. I went out and schooled my lead changes and probably over did it because in the rookie class he was anticipating the changes way to much and changed before I asked. UGH

It was a rough start to the show season but it was a start. And you have to start somewhere - Right? 

Last weekend SCR hosted an FFA Horse Judging day.  I have been asked to ride for the FFA kids before but hadn't done it in a couple of years.  The new trainers at the barn asked me to run one pattern on Saturday morning.  I was kind of surprised because they were at the show. They saw my less than stellar performance in the rookie class. Hellooooo..... Forgot the pattern.  I decided that they must have been looking for an "obvious bottom"  ha ha...  On Friday night I went out and moved Semper around a little and the trainer says to me... "Get some peppermints, put one in your mouth and read over your pattern tonight, then tomorrow do the same thing.  Just before you go in to run your pattern put another peppermint in your mouth - it will help you focus." At this point I will try anything.  I got a box of Mini Sugar Free Altoids - I need all the peppermint I can get - and followed her directions.  Mr. Wonderful thought I was nuts. The next morning with about 200 FFA kids watching - I ran my pattern. Perfectly.  I don't know if it was the peppermints or just the the fact that it wasn't the rookie class... but if felt good to have a nice run. And boy was Mr. Semper on. He just floated around his circles and changed leads perfectly.  We could have done a few things a little better - our turnarounds were not as fast as I would have liked but they were average. Our stops were better than last year but he can still do better. Our roll backs were good, not a lot of snap to them but he came out of them on the same path and loped right off. No U turns, no trotting.  All and all it felt pretty good to just Get'er Done.

Bringing Bob home this Sunday.  More on that later. 

I'm riding Lily again.  She has had a year off to heal up. Her legs look good, no bumps or lumps and she is moving sound.  She seems to be happy to be back at work.  Taking her to a versatility clinic in a couple of weeks to see how she handles it. 

Scooter is home babysitting Axle.  And Axle... well - he is going to lose his manhood soon, very soon.

Friday, March 1, 2013

First show of 2013!

Saturday is the first show at SCR.  This is the same series that I have done for the last 3 years.  The weather here has been absolutely beautiful.  High 60's and mostly sunny.  These are the kind of days that make me so content living in Northern California. So my plan for Saturday... to do better than last year. I don't care about winning or losing but I want to be more consistant. Last year I rode Semper in the Rookie class four times. And I was consistant. I scored a big fat -0- all four times.  The goal is to just get a score.  Ride the pattern without forgetting it, count my turnarounds, concentrate on my riding and look where I am going. I also rode the Non-Pro Limited last year and I did fairly well in that class.  This year I would like to see my scores stay above 67.5.  I know that doesn't seem like much to aspire to, but it is for me and the big white horse. And that is who I am competing against. I am competing against the rider I was last year.

Here is my little mental checklist:

Sit back.
Look up.
Look a quarter circle ahead. 
Stay sitting center in the turn arounds.
Relax and breathe deep.
Ride for a 70!
Expect and visualize what I need to have happen.
Raise my expections!

You might notice that none of my checklist is for Semper.  He knows his job.

If it is to be, it is up to me.

And... my friends Holly and Laura are showing at this show!  This is the first time either of them will have shown reining.  Wishing them the best.